Filming “The Fronts of War”

This weekend, CEMA’s Great War dugout came to life for the first time thanks to the crew of the short film Fronts of War.

The film tells the story of a lieutenant receiving a letter from his wife that announces the birth of their child. Accompanying him in the dugout is a private reading a letter of his own…the child is, in fact, his.

L-R: Adam Grindley, Thomas Gardener, Aaron Fraiser

Writer & director Thomas Gardner, along with co-writer & actor Olivia Lewis-Brown, came up with the 6-page script: “I originally had the idea for making a short First World War film after seeing Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old and wanted to focus on the personal lives of the soldiers rather than the actual war itself.

“Some of the personal trauma they had to go through they would have kept to themselves and I wanted to try and extract something from that to create tension in an already intense atmosphere.”

Our small dugout brought to life.

Along with their director Thomas, actors Aaron Fraiser, Adam Grindley, and Olivia Lewis-Brown hail from the University of Central Lancashire. Due to a year of COVID related lockdowns, the filmmakers have struggled to get out and start making anything.

“It’s been so fun filming after being unable to do so for long,” Grindley mentioned. “Jumping straight back in to it was the boost the whole team needed to be able to find our feet again. Filming on site was a great opportunity to get back into the industry.”

We are delighted to say Thomas and the team have given CEMA permission to host the film on our website after its release. Become a CEMA member to keep up-to-date with news on this and things like it.

“I plan to submit the film into some UK film festivals and then hopefully release it either on DVD or online,” Gardner told us.

You can find Gardner on IMDB here and get updates on the release of The Fronts of War by following him on Instagram @officialtgardner.