CEMA trenches to be used as principle location in upcoming Great War drama

London Film School set to make LGBT Great War drama in CEMA trenches

Writer and director Peter Hogenson and team met with Ross and Andy today to recce our First World War trench system in preparation for their upcoming drama Life Underground.

“Imagine 1917 meets Moonlight,” Hogenson said. “The story is set amid the shelling of World War One. A self-made lieutenant dreams of leaving the trenches when he falls for Sergeant McCollough.”

L-R: Andy Robertshaw, Rhys Holland, Peter Hogenson, Patrick James Verlin, Mahée Merica, Jaina Liu.

The Life Underground team hail from the London Film School and will be the third film crew to shoot at the Centre for Experimental Military Archaeology since work on the site began in March 2021.

The crew from London Film School ask Andy questions to help guide the historical accuracy of their film.

Hogenson said that their “primary audience are two-fold: the LGBTQ community and those interested in military history and history as a whole.”

Life Underground is set to begin shooting this July and aims to be released later this year.

“The trenches are amazing,” Jaina Liu, the executive producer said. “I found over ten trenches in my production research and these at CEMA are by far the best.”

We at CEMA are delighted to announce that the production company, Muse Of Fire, have kindly given us permission to host the film on our website after its initial release. Make sure you become a CEMA member to receive news about Life Underground and how to access it, as well as lots more content like this.

For more information on the film and crew keep your eyes peeled for news from CEMA, where we will be releasing more information over the coming months.

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